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Best of Cabo Verde Show

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Value Pack! A 3 CD collection to bring you some of the most vibrant songs of the 80's. Reminisce the good old times with Cabo Verde Show.
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Track Title 

1-Recordo Pensar (CD 1)
2-Bo Ca Tem Mas (CD 1)
3-Falal Nha Amigo (CD 1)
4-Supreza (CD 1)
5-Bo Ca Sabe (CD 1)
6-Graça Di Nos Sei (CD 1)
7-Desde Quel Dia (CD 1)
8-Pai Gozadors (CD 2)
9-Toute Femme Comeca (CD 2)
10-Baracca (CD 2)
11-Mansinha (CD 2)
12-Orfelino (CD 2)
13-Maria Lopes Felicidade (CD 2)
14-Nhá Problema (CD 2)
15-Coladance (CD 3)
16-Volta Cara: Passa Sabe (CD 3)
17-Casa Ma um Creola (CD 3)
18-Jocelyne (CD 3)
19-Bo tem Idade (CD 3)
20-Bo terra CV (CD 3)
21-Sognou di Gua Vida (CD 3)
22-Nhá Mundo Aparte (CD 3)







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