Calu Bana - Rainha De Nha Tronu

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Before he was discovered, his name was Carlos Lopes. Since winning world recognition for a superb performance of his interpretations of songs originally recorded by the legendary singer, Bana, the King of Mornas e Coladeras, the audience nicknamed him Calu Bana and for a very good reason. He has entertained fans around the world and no one has left his shows in disappointement as they usually include lots of songs from this album. "Rainha di Nha Tronu," is a tribute and a dedication to Capeverdean women and Calu's best way of saying – you are the best and there's no other like you.

Track Title 

1 - Sex Me Up 
2 - Mulher Pequena
3 - Rainha Di Nha Trono
4 - 24 Hora
5 - Amor Di Nha Vida
6 - Bom Madrasta
7 - Bu Decision
8 - Sara
9 - Tormento Des Vida & Livro Infinito
10 - São Domingos
11 - Momento Triste