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Cesar Lima - Reflections

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Guitarist Cesar Lima reflects his childhood to a tee. This is where tradition and goodwill meet for an evening of entertainment under the auspices of guitar and magical fingers of Cesar Lima.

Track Title 

1 - Noite Na Baia (César)
2 - Mindelu At Night (César)
3 - Juana Rosa (Tito Paris e Vitorino)
4 - Sol E Mar (César)
5 - Náná (César)
6 - S. Vicente (César) 
7 - Choru D'un Violão (César)
8 - Butterfly Dance (César)
9 - Segredu (Amnadio Cabral)
10 - Beira Mar (César)
11 - Ribeira Brava (Amandio Cabral)
12 - Um Futuro Novo (Letra: Arlínda Santos) 


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