Considered the most ancient musical genre of Cabo Verde islands, batuku is a cultural manifestation that combines singing and dancing but brings a much profound meaning. This manifestation was brought or invented by the first slaves that arrived to the archipelago and lives through these days in the islands of Santiago and Maio as an uncontested African heritage and testimonial of Cabo Verde's historical path.

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cabo verde 595
Cabo Verde - "Hassle - Free" Vacation Packages.
Tel: (508) 584 - 6800

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Cruz Grande hotel

Hotel Cruz Grande is an attractive hotel that offers travelers a secluded, relaxed setting for a quiet getaway, change of scenery, family reunions and more.

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poster hotels brava

Island Of Brava:
Luxury Hotel Rooms & Suites plus Vilas & Apartment accommodations:
Other Services include Fast Ferry ticketing, Island Tours; Bike Rentals and more.

Tel: +238-285-1222 ; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Brava Special 75euros web

plateau miradouro

Plateau! The name is simple yet expressive. Overlooking the ocean, the small village that was founded in 1615 captures the scenic beauty of what is now Praia Saint Mary of Victory. The village was birthed out of a clandestine port and prospered due to its privileged location. In 1770, Praia replaced Ribeira Grande de Santiago (also known as Cidade Velha, Old City) as the capital of Cabo Verde. In 1858, Praia became a city, rightfully earned by its natural grandeur of national historical and architectural heritage.

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