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Television, radio, magazines - it's evident successful companies are developing web sites. Being a savvy business person, you have or will designed a web page for your business.

What's next?

• Does your company have all the customers you need?
• Do you have enough visitors of the PALOP countries visiting your web site?
• Do you have all the on-line orders you can handle? Not exactly, or not sure?
Turn to us in promoting your business on the internet... CaboVerdeOnline.com.

Reach out to desired customers through volume marketing or target marketing with:
1. Various positions for banner on rotation including our powerful SHOP slide promoter spots
2. Promotional articles and Email marketing
3. Low prices and best bang for your buck.

Our International Market
Advertising Works in any language!
• The Portuguese speaking communities comprise the second largest ethnic group in Massachusetts and the largest in Rhode Island, accounting for more than 1 million people.
• Advertising in CaboVerdeOnline.com can qualify you for lower rates at our affiliate weekly television program and radio programs.
• Portuguese is the seventh most speaking language in the world. CaboVerdeOnline.com reaches out to all of these communities; from Cabo Verde, to Brazil, to Portugal, to Angola, to Macau to name a few...
• CaboVerdeOnline.com is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year working for you with members and customers around the world. Whether you are looking for a local promotion or an international one, make CaboVerdeOnline.com your partner of choice.

Local Reach:
As a lead news organization and point of reference in the Diaspora community, for our advertisers we offer the best access to the dynamic and diverse Portuguese-American communities of United States, in particular, the New England area. We can help our advertisers grow by customizing packages that includes your banner ad in both languages to take advantage of the several generations that log into CaboVerdeOnline.com daily.
Advertising in CaboVerdeOnline.com not only informs our members and visitors of your products and services but also lets them know that you care about their community, heritage and culture.

Fill out your request or call today at (508) 584-6800: Click Here

All advertising is prepaid and based on space availability. Web-ready (.jpg, flash or .gif) banners are provided by advertiser. Banner production is available for a small fee, including animation and Flash. Creation charges are waived with long term contract. All rates are subject to change without notice. We accept all major Credit Cards.


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