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Finkadu na Ra­z - Nacia Gomi e Dente D'oro

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For a long time, drums were banned by the Church and the Portuguese colonial authorities, but Cape Verdean women found a way to get around this prohibition. Depending on the thickness and compression of the fabric used, these cloth drums produced a variety of sounds. Batuque provided an accompaniment for "finaçon", a vocal style that the women improvised to suit their audience and the occasion.

Track Title 

1 - Fernandi Sosa
2 - Pensa Mundo 
3 - Busca Meio
4 - Bota cana
5 - Parida
6 - Balança coxa
7 - St. Catarina
8 - S. Simon d' ajuda
9 - Fincado na Raiz 


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