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Throughout his infancy and adolescent years, events of the time and the environment he lived in, influenced passion for Cabral to become a leader of his people. Despite a tight and oppressed regime and within

There can be no doubt that Amilcar Cabral is the most original political and revolutionary thinker Africa has produced in modern times. What is often overlooked and less well known is that Cabral was

In 1956, I was on board the Schooner ERNESTINA visiting my cousin Manuel G. Andrade, a crew member who had just arrived from the Islands of Cape Verde. The ERNESTINA was docked at India Point Pier in Providence Rhode Island.

Sometimes Amilcar Cabral could not say openly most of what he thought for his vision was a forecast for the future in reality and actuality. Given the profound significance the symbol had for Cape Verde and Capeverdeans around the world, CaboVerdeOnline.com felt compelled to bring out the cultural ties the original flag

Amilcar Cabral

I was at a conference in Atlanta, Georgia once, in which many educators congregated to discuss the fate of public schools.

ABOUT Vasco Pires:  The artist, Vasco R. A. Pires, is the author of "A Fraction of Me: Prose and Poetry for the New Century."  He is an artist, teacher and humanitarian. 

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