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It's common knowledge that what made our struggle for independence a great success was that we got a lot of information and people were trained and educated on the philosophy and

direction of the party which at the time was PAIGC.

Dr. Cabral and members of the party gave direction and guided people on what was needed and the purpose of our unity. Today we have PAICV but the information and guidance and direction are not made available.

Dr. Amilcar Cabral and the many cadres brought unity and a better understanding to the masses of the people. We don't see that any more and if it is happening then it is for a selected few. Cabral liberated the minds of many. In his book - Return To The Source - he even spoke to the African American population and he became also their leader and their hero because he gave direction and meaning for the African people who were being oppressed.

Unless we hear something different in terms of Africa from Cabo Verde to Madagascar to truly understand what we are up against we will not be able to make the contribution that is needed. Remember the old adage (Ignorance is Bliss). Let us also remember: "If we want our rice to cook, we must put it into boiling water," and just because the crocodile has big ugly eyes does not stop us from crossing the river." Amilcar Cabral.

What is Caboverdean Nationalism? What is our reality? What is our responsibility? How do we stop exploitation and social injustice? How do we prevent others from profiting from our human suffering? What must we do for the transformation of our society? What is our development strategy and what's the perception for our future and finally, what is the message?

Cabral also said: "Are we in a time of transition? No, it's a time of transformation, and there is a difference. We need to disorganize the old, the known, the familiar, just as we need to organize the new. In this country, (Cabo Verde as he was referring to) where we are in process of discovering ourselves."


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