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Plateau! The name is simple yet expressive. Overlooking the ocean, the small village that was founded in 1615 captures the scenic beauty of what is now Praia Saint Mary of Victory. The village was birthed out of a clandestine port and prospered due to its privileged location. In 1770, Praia replaced Ribeira Grande de Santiago (also known as Cidade Velha, Old City) as the capital of Cabo Verde. In 1858, Praia became a city, rightfully earned by its natural grandeur of national historical and architectural heritage.

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Nantucket, MA - In past edition of our printed newspaper Nos Jornal, we published part I of the discovery of the New World when an Italian captain by the name Antonio daNoli arrived in Cape Verde in 1460.

"There's a little bit of the world in Cabo Verde", one of my travel mates stated as we released the umpteenth exclamation of wonder and awe at the exquisite scenery. We marveled at how much of the landscape, mirrored the most beautiful

In the eyes of the world, the archipelago of Cabo Verde is paradise. Pristine waters, lush vegetation on mountain islands, miles of white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue waters, volcano peaks

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