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Nantucket, MA - In past edition of our printed newspaper Nos Jornal, we published part I of the discovery of the New World when an Italian captain by the name Antonio daNoli arrived in Cape Verde in 1460.

At approximately 550 years later, people around the world are once again discovering Cabo Verde Islands,

this time for its splendid tourism attractions and investment opportunities that is beginning to draw similarities, to what is taking place in this beautiful island of Nantucket, off the coast of Massachusetts embedded with a rich Cabo-verdean history.

In future editions, we will travel with you island by island and help you discover Cabo Verde. In this particular issue, we will focus on discovering why take vacation and why Cabo Verde as a tropical destination. There are a couple of reasons why we choose to getaway.

One day – it’s zero degree and the wind is blowing, giving the atmosphere a sub-zero wind chill affect, freezing every muscle of your aching body, or you are sitting in traffic for hours in the middle of a hot summer day when all of a sudden, your air conditioner quits working – the need to get away hits home with the incessant, obnoxious urgency of a fire alarm. When that sounds starts in your head, all you can think about is a stretch of empty white sand, a waiter quietly delivering a cool margarita in some of the tallest glasses and the lovely rush that fills the air as waves recede from the shore. We all dream of a place where we can be us, where we don’t have to rush, where we have no decisions to make and no responsibilities. An island in isolation. An island in escape…the Cabo Verde Islands.

The other good reason we travel is to discover – to take ourselves out of the comfort zone of daily rituals, to try new foods, meet new people whose lives are so different from ours, to see places we never knew could exist. Cabo Verde Islands is about discovery and it’s about pushing us East from USA, beyond tropical Bermuda and Sahara desert and the wildness of Africa and often times forgoing the comforts of beautiful hotels to live with native family on an outlying lush island of Brava and the exotic island of Fogo. It’s about entering a true melting pot of cultures and traditions as you land on the island of Santiago or simply soothing in a relaxing iodine-rich sea and black sands of S. Nicolau - a unique cure that is available only on Sao Nicolau. This type of travel encourages us to learn from our roots and rewards us with a memory that we know will be unique.

Most of all, travel helps us discover ourselves. It helps us to develop a strong bond among families and it provides us an opportunity to teach our children and pass along those rich traditions that were once shared with us. And that’s why traveling to Cabo Verde Islands which are some of the most pristine islands of the world is a must for members of our community. It will help you explore a new world and a different part of yourself. Most importantly, you can always say, “I’m going back home.”

We hope that we have inspired you to discover, and encourage you to find home. Next article we will focus our exploration and discovery on one of the 10 island. In the meantime, we would love to hear from those that have made that special trip back home and the places you have discovered. Login and begin discussion about the most intriguing experiences you have encounter while on the islands of Cabo Verde.


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