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Special Words - Children Book by Linda N. Gomes

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Special Words is about multicultural families and their pets.

A positive message about people living as neighbors, it’s a book for both children and adults, and encourages reading out loud and discussion.

Special Words is the first in a series of books about self-esteem and cultural awareness. The story ends with a punch line that prompts readers to ask questions such as:
What is their culture(s)?
Where did their grandparents live?
What were their history, customs, and values?

It affirms multi-culturalism, not only in family life, but also in nature. Most of all it reminds us that we all have Special Words!Special Words is a beautifully illustrated book about joyful pets and their humans.
The setting is a rural town in south coast Massachusetts, with cranberry bogs, ponds, pine trees, and sassafras trees.

The book includes a section about Cape Verdean history and heritage.

Rev. Dr. Robert Gomes and his daughter, Meclina (the illustrator of the history section), collaborated in recording the tradition of handing down family stories from one generation to the next.

The history section describes the Cape Verdeans’ story: 14th century origins, colonial period, immigration, her patriotic hero, independence, demographics, culture, and includes a glossary of special words.64 pages of fun and educational reading.

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